Breaking News: APC governorship candidate emerges


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Today, the result of APC gubbernitorial primaries is out and a winner has emerged. Twelve candidates contested for the primaries and at the end, a worthy winner was elected to represent APC.

Mr. Tony Nwoye emerged victorious  with two thousand one hundred and forty-six (2,146) votes after a rigorous primaries conducted at Dora Akunyili Women development Centre, Awka.

The results are as follow:

Tony Nwoye ,                     2146 votes

Andy Uba.                          931 votes

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George Morghalu             525 votes

Pat Nwibe.                        414 votes

Chukwuma Paul.             110 votes

Onuknwo Johnbosco.    85 votes

Chike Obidigbo                22 votes

Patrick Nonso Madu.     21 votes

Nwike Patrick N.             20 votes

Uzor Obinna.                    17 votes

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Donatus Okonkwo.          10 votes

Uchendu Adaobi.              1 vote

Invalid votes.                     31 votes


Congratulations to Mr Tony Nwoye


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