Anambra Election: Why Obiano should not go for second tenure – Peter Obi

Peter Obi - Anambra Election

Peter Obi - Anambra Election

Former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, yesterday said that his successor, Willie Obiano, has nothing to show for the mandate he was given by the people of the state and therefore does not deserve to be voted as ‎governor again. (Dailypost)

According to dailypost he said that most of the projects he started and could not complete before he left, had remained the way he left them.

Obi, who made it clear that he was no more interested in contesting for any elective position again in the state, said he has no personal issue with Obiano but that the paramount thing to Anambra people now was to have a governor who will deepen his achievements in office by moving from Millennium Development Goals, MDGs to SDGs.


He was quoted by dailypost

“I have no selfish interest in putting anyone into office, my interest is to ensure that the people of the state get the best, and equally fight bad governance anywhere no matter who is concerned,”

Reacting to a question on why Anambra people should trust his choice of candidate after the incumbent he helped into office has allegedly failed, Obi said that Obiano has not for once agreed that he helped him in any way.

He reassured the PDP faithful that better days lie ahead for them if they pitch their tent with Obaze who he said is a seasoned diplomat noting that Nigeria cannot progress when some candidates are buying votes.

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