Pulse list: 7 people Dencia has dissed

Dencia at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

We take a look at some of the people who have gotten shade, rants and beef from Dencia.

Dencia is more known for her rants, shades, controversial statements and style.

Dencia who is also the owner of “Whitenicious” cream has in last few years blasted some celebrities across the board without boundaries.

We take a look at some people who have gone into the bad books of the pop star.

1. Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade was the first to drag the Dencia into this drama. It would be recalled that back in 2016 while granting an interview, Yemi Alade mentioned some names of some artist she thinks should quit music, and Dencia’s name popped up. It took Dencia one year after for her to come for Yemi Alade who she absolutely didn’t have nice words for. She alleged that Yemi Alade sleeps with managers to get to her music career to the limelight.

2. Nicki Minaj


Yes! When it comes to beef, Dencia’s list has no boundaries. Even Nicki Minaj has gotten some shade from the Cameroonian pop star and “Whitenicious” owner.

Back in 2014, a fan took to Dencia’s Twitter page and asked her when she will be getting her own copy of Nicki Minaj’s latest album called ‘The Pink Print‘ and she shades Nicki with her response; asking “What is that?”. Shocking right?

3. Lisa Raye


On February 2, 2016, while granting an interview with TMZ, Dencia blasted American actress, Lisa Rave for her comments on her cream “Whitenicious“. She further said “I am suing her. I just came from my lawyer’s office. Yeah, I am. We are going to court. I’m gonna f*ck her up”.

The pop star said the US actress wanted to be the face of her anti-aging cream but she turned her down.

4. Toke Makinwa


Even Toke Makinwa has had her own fair share of the shade and beef from Dencia.  Dencia called out Toke Makinwa who is the brand ambassador for the cosmetics company called, Mecran Cosmetics, over stolen photos of success stories. After a fan called Dencia’s attention to a photo shared by @Macrancosmetics showing a success story from the use of the “Whitenicious” product, she took to her Instagram page to issue a disclaimer against Toke Makinwa.

5. Lamar Odom


Dencia’s shades have no bounds as she even blasted former NBA star Lamar Odom while he was recovering from a drug overdose that nearly took his life. Dencia who is the brain behind the skin lightening cream ‘Whitenicious’, said she does not feel sorry for the former NBA champion.

6. Lupita N’yongo


Lupita N’yongo while speaking at an award in 2015 gave a knock at Dencia’s “Whitenicious” cream. Dencia took the very best opportunity to hit back at the Kenyan born actress when she lost her custom-made Calvin Klein dress that was made entirely of pearls worth $150,000 went missing from her hotel room for the 2015 Oscar Awards.

Dencia tweeted something that was clearly directed at Lupita saying “Moral of the story, cut Ur coat according to Ur size.If u can’t afford it in real life, don’t borrow, beg or steal it.BorrowposeGoneWrong “

7. Dan Orhii


The DG of National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDAC), Dan Orhii ddidn’t see it coming, as Dencia back in 2017, called him unprintable names for daring to say his body would not approve of her “Whitenicious” Cream since it contains dangerous bleaching chemicals capable of destroying users skins negatively.

The angry Dencia said the NAFDAC boss is stupid for leaving bigger things to chase after irrelevant things.

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