How to get a bigger butt WITHOUT surgery: Top Doc reveals all


IF YOU want a larger behind but you’re scared to go under the knife, we’ve got some good news for you.

More and more Brits are undergoing cosmetic procedures in a bid to look like their favourite celebrities.

In fact, according to a leading cosmetic surgeon, there has been a 50% increase in the number of Brazilian Bottom Lifts as people attempt to copy A-listers.

Dr Foued Hamza, a Harley Street surgeon, also claims more people are getting other forms of bottom enlargement surgery, with enquires rising 34% in the past year.

The French surgeon takes the whole body into account before reshaping the buttock. He offers a quick recovery procedure with no cuts and minimal scarring.

But in an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Dr Foued admitted you don’t have to go under the knife to get a bigger, rounder bottom.

He said: “Squat to success. Though this may not come as a surprise to many, put in the work and you’ll see the results.

“Squat every other day and allow your muscles a day to repair and grow on your ‘rest’ days.

“After three weeks of consistency, graduate to using resistance or weight. As always, practice good posture and vary the style of squat with each workout.”

The surgeon – who revealed that many people come in an ask for a Kim K butt – also advised fuelling your body with nutrients.

He added: “Foods high in macro-nutrients are the best to maintain in your diet. So, when looking to add a little more to your backside, choose eggs, steak, most lean cut meats, quinoa or sweet potatoes.

“Dress for volume. Wearing the right clothing that gives the illusion of a bigger bum can make a subtle difference but can serve as as a much-needed confidence boost when trying to feel your best.

“Find jeans with pockets that give the illusion of a bigger bum; most of the time this means the jean pockets are further apart rather than closer to the centre seam.

“Skirts and dresses with added flow and volume on your lower half is often elegant and gives the illusion effect.”

Dr Foued, who is registered to practice in the UK, Paris and Malta, also recommended wearing clothes which accentuate your waist, to make your butt look curvier.

The cosmetic surgeon said: “After choosing clothes that accentuate your bum the best, wear a medium to large width belt that will help cinch your waist. Doing so with dresses and skirts are often the best.”

He also advised taking supplements, such as phytoestrogens.

“Most known for its benefit of lowering menopausal symptoms, it can also enhance a woman’s curves,” Dr Foued added.

“It mimic’s human oestrogen and adds extra weight to all of the areas you want it – like your bum rather than your face, stomach or arms.”

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